Review: Hayabusa Odor Resist Short Sleeve Rashguard

Welcome to the first of my gear review articles. I’ll be posting my thoughts about gear that I’ve purchased (whether for Katori, boxing, MT, BJJ, etc) and used based on fit, comfort, price, etc. To make your life easier, at the endof every article I’ll tell you whether you should, in my opinion, buy the item in question (and with what, if any, preconditions). 
Up first: The Hayabusa OdorResist Rashguard

Image credit: . That isn’t me: I have more hair than that.

The Hayabusa OdorResist rash guard is our best performing compression to date. It better protects your skin from abrasions, keeps your muscles warm and engaged, it’s not see-through and wicks away sweat, helping to control your body’s temperature. We used the renowned XT2® fabric and increased the amount of silver from our previous generation. This rashie uses co-extruded silver threads which prevents sweat eating microbes from growing on it.
In 2018, we marked a dozen years of making and improving our rash guards. Give it a roll, it’s worth it.

Price: Retails for $64.99. I got it for half that due to a Black Friday promotion. Still the most expensive rashguard I’ve ever bought.
First Impressions: Green is my favorite color but as it’s not a BJJ belt color I feel like I haven’t seen too much in the way of green BJJ gear, so I was happy to be able to order this. It’s very high quality material and I love Hayabusa’s branding. 
Fit: I bought a medium (my normal size these days) and I could barely put the thing on. I wound up having to exchange it (which was very easy– Hayabusa’s customer service was great) for a large. Even then, I still feel a little constricted around the neck and arms. This is my primary (and really sole) complaint, but it’s not so bad that I felt the need to return it.
Quality: I actually noticed the fit less once I start training with it, which is for the best. There’s a no-slip strip at the bottom of the rashguard which helps keep it in place and it comes down low enough that it stayed where it was supposed to. 
Regarding the “Odor Resist”: Hayabusa says “What XT2® does is incorporate pure silver during the co-extrusion process, thus inhibiting bacteria growth, which means it will smell fresh longer. Not a nanotechnology or a complex chemical formula, just silver.”
I shower regularly and wear deodorant because I’m not a monster, so I haven’t really noticed any particular odor resistance from this relative to anything else I wear. If you’re a stinkybro, your mileage may vary. 

Should you buy it?

[]Yes, Definitely

[X] Yes, If: you’re in the market for a stylish, high end rashguard that runs tight along the neck and arms. Order a size up from your normal or get your return shipping label ready.

[] No, But[] No freaking way

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