AAR: Kimura from Side Control, 1/9/2019 0630

Initial Thoughts: Really glad to be working on submissions this month. I know basically everything in my game needs work but especially with a competition coming up I need to have more tools in my toolbox to attempt to end matches.

Warmup: Hip Escape/Chest Escape/Technical standup and guard retention drills: stepping over from the leg drag position to regain guard.

Technique: Kimura from Side Control. I love going for this or the Americana but I could never really figure out the proper leverage of it. Was good to get some reps in and work on using leverage instead of trying to muscle my ass through it.

Rolls: Side control, 1 minute each, bottom top– 10 minutes total

What went well: I’m beginning to feel a little more comfortable regaining guard from side control. I was able to move through different positions to set up (if not always get) submissions. My cardio is better and I’m getting better at relaxing when I’m not under threat and letting my partner wear themselves out on me– I can’t go 100% in the morning class with the noon class looming around the corner.

What Could Improve: I got slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammed by a purple belt. He’s got nasty takedowns as it is and he got out of my side control, picked my ass up off the ground and, though he tried to let me down gently (and I was able to breakfall), was so palpable I heard my coach say “Now that’s a double leg!” This is good– I need to improve my takedown defense and I’d rather have it done on the gym than on the competition mat.

After class: Coach Bruno gave a quick lesson about efficiency of movement to a blue belt whom he felt was overexerting himself. Allowing the blue belt to take side control, he showed how easily he could regain guard and escape. “There’s no reason to use a huge, explosive bridging motion if you don’t have any space or position– you’ll just wear yourself out,” he said. “Look for small openings, shift your hips, and wait until you have an opportunity.” He was able to regain guard 5-6 times in 2 minutes– a week or so out from knee surgery. Was a good reminder that even though I’m in much better shape than I was even two months ago, leverage and movement make Jiu-Jitsu: not strength and cardio.

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