AAR: 1/2/19 0630 and 1200: Paper Cut Choke

Immediate thought: DAMN is it nice to be back after two weeks off due to work/illness/travel. Additionally, DAMN am I rusty after two weeks off.

Technique: Paper cut choke from side control after working guard retention drills.

Thoughts: First time doing this choke. The first grip was a little strange, and it was tough to keep pressure as I transitioned from side control to north/south and back(ish) again. Going to need WAY more reps before I feel comfortable with it but it’s good to have more submission options from side control.

Roll: Positional. 1 minute each side in closed guard, half guard, side control, mount, and back mount for a total of 10 minutes.

What went well: Considering who I was working with (an active competitor blue belt with 20+ lbs on me), I felt like I was able to defend reasonably well. I couldn’t really set up any proper attacks, but I’m reminded of my favorite quote from Jiu Jitsu University: The goal of the white belt is to SURVIVE.

What could improve: I defended well considering my level (6 month white belt) against my opponent’s, but there’s always room for improvement there. I wasn’t able to transition fully from bad positions or capitalize on good ones (starting in mount, etc). With 5 weeks left until the tournament, I need a lot more rolling and clean eating.

Starts today.

Bonus: my view leaving the gym. This may be my favorite part of dragging my butt out of bed for the 0630 class.


Technique: Same with a pass from half guard to set up the choke.

Roll: From half guard, 2 minutes top/bottom each, 4 rounds. 16 minutes total rolling.

What went well: I got paired with a lot of bigger white belts so I worked my bottom game which is (slowly) improving. I was able to chain some sweeps together and set up a few taps. I’m beginning to have enough tools in the toolbox to be able to transition from one technique to another if the first doesn’t work.

What could improve: I wasn’t using my sweeps well enough. Additionally, I have trouble knowing when to turn on the gas and when to calm down– I found myself in some bad positions because I was trying to “coast” during some parts of the roll and conserve energy. Being able to recognize when to burn energy and when to relax remains a problem for me.

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