AAR: 12/18/18, Baseball Bat Gi Choke

Technique of the Day: Baseball Bat Choke from Knee Slice position, with the added fun of using the Gi if you couldn’t pass the grips.

Thoughts: Knee slice starting to feel a bit more natural though it’s definitely not my preferred way to pass yet (too many places to get caught/sweeped, at least when I do it). I still love the baseball bat choke but it definitely requires patience– especially with someone sweaty, it’s tough to get/pass the grips. The variation we worked on today (pulling the gi out of the belt and passing it behind to secure the choke that way) is very cool but probably above my pay grade right now.

Rolls: 2 minute rounds x10: knee slice on top with reverse de la Riva/knee shield or quarter guard on bottom. Switch bottom/top then switch partners.

What Went Well: Got a few taps (including on people bigger than me) and a solid takedown (couldn’t get the single leg so kicked out the remaining leg). Was able to defend a few things from higher belts.

What Could Improve: I gassed for a while about midway through and, while trying to take it easy, found myself mounted by one of the newer guys. I think he’s got some wrestling, but I should still know better. I figured I could find a way to sweep him or keep him from securing the position but I didn’t. I have to remember to leave it all out on the mat– nothing matters but the fight you’re in right this moment.

Afterward: Tabata on the stationary bike x2 (8 min). Max HR 163. I turned the resistance up on the bike but between yesterday and today I felt pretty sluggish. I work tomorrow so a rest day will be helpful, I think.

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