After Action Report (AAR): 12/17/18, 0630: Knee Slice Pass into Baseball Bat Choke

First off, write out all the good things, everything that went well, from your failures. Be detailed and generous with yourself. A lot of good things will have happened. It’s rarely all bad. Then note how you handled your failure. Did it affect your life and your relationships? How so?

How did you think throughout the preparation for and during the execution stage of your failure? You have to know how you were thinking at each step because it’s all about mindset, and that’s where most people fall short.

Now go back through and make a list of things you can fix. This isn’t time to be soft or generous. Be brutally honest, write them all out. Study them. Then look at your calendar and schedule another attempt as soon as possible. If the failure happened in childhood, and you can’t recreate the Little League all-star game you choked in, I still want you to write that report because you’ll likely be able to use that information to achieve any goal going forward.

This life is all a fucking mind game. Realize that. Own it! And if you fail again, so the fuck be it. Take the pain. Repeat these steps and keep fighting. That’s what it’s all about. 

-David Goggins, “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds”

The After Action Reports are, at least for me, the functional portion of this blog. I’ve been meaning to put to paper the things I’ve been doing well and the things I’ve been doing poorly in my Jiujitsu training. The AARs will, hopefully, allow me to remember what I’ve been working on, where I’ve been improving, and where I need to keep pushing. 

Dragged my ass out of bed and got to the 0630 class. I’m going to miss training for basically all of Christmas through New Year’s so I need as much mat time as I can take.

Technique: Knee slice pass into baseball choke. Bottom side working reverse De La Riva guard with a knee shield.

Thoughts: Continuation of Saturday’s class from a different set up (Knee slice rather than side control to knee on belly). I’ve been getting more and more into North/South position as a way to stabilize a pass over regular side control lately, and the baseball choke, done correctly, is terrifyingly fast. I need to work on getting the grips properly, especially when folks are sweaty and the gi is full of friction. Also, the adjustment Bruno made on Saturday (knee on xiphoid process rather than belly) is nasty.

3 Rounds
Situational Roll: starting from the knee slide position with de la Riva and knee shield on bottom. Regular roll fater that.

What Went Well: Kimura from North South is still my highest percentage submission. Working with the other white belts, I was able to sweep from bottom and pass from top.

What Can Improve: I wasn’t able to hit the move of the day (Baseball bat choke). I still have trouble working from closed guard– I can threaten sweeps and submissions but if someone stronger than me (which is most of my gym) locks down it’s difficult for me to generate the momentum from the bottom to move them. I definitely prefer playing from the top but that’s not always an option so I need better ways to defend and deal with top pressure.

Bonus: My view leaving the gym (below).

Morning Classes aren’t all bad.

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