AAR: 12/17/18 1200

Technique of the Day: Same as this morning. Knee slice pass into a baseball bat choke.

Reflections of Technique of the Day: Tried to smooth out the pass since I had already worked it today. Choke was a little harder with a different partner– even during drills, he was a big guy who was framing hard which proved to be a challenge when I was trying to get my grips. I also still have trouble making the second grip (palm up) when folks are sweaty (I, for one, am sweaty 30 seconds after I get on the mat).

Rolling: Situational roll from reverse de la Riva and knee shield. 2 minutes each side, 10 rounds. 20 minutes total rolling.

What Went Well: I still don’t know many sweeps or reversals so I’m trying to get better at fighting before I wind up in terrible positions. I’m still getting reasonable success with the Kimura– almost got it (I think?) on a tough blue belt.

What Can Improve: Said blue belt showed me afterward why I didn’t get the tap– needed to transition either to the other arm or the other side. I also got some tips about the “elevated lockdown position”– wherein I was floating in the air, suspended only my partner’s arms and legs, with an impending sense of doom. Against more advanced people I need to try to be slightly more proactive and slightly less reactive– if I wait, by the time I see what they’re doing it’s too late (since I likely don’t know how to counter it). Additionally, even though this was my second session of the day, I took a round off when there were no partners. After that ended and people were switching up again, I didn’t jump up and start looking– I was dragging my feet until I heard my instructor shout “Va, va (go, go) Nick!” I got going, but I felt like I failed in terms of “going to war with myself”.

After session energy destruction: Tabata intervals x2 (8 min). I was dehydrated and out of energy but after losing a war with myself on the mat I knew I wanted to leave everything in the gym. My max heart rate only got up to about 165, but after 30 minutes of rolls on the day (plus two training sessions), it’s all I had left. Shaky and dehydrated, I stretched out and headed home.

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